Yoga practitioner vs Yogic

A yoga practitioner practices various asanas. He remembers various asanas taught to him & may remember their utilities. He knows what is yoga & its asanas. He counts his breaths or time. He has to do yoga.

A yogic doesn’t remember the name of any asanas or their benefits. However, he understands the crux of yoga –

  • Stretch
  • Breathe
  • Rest

He observes his body & depending on its need stretches, breathes and relaxes. He doesn’t count, rather observes his body. Yoga automatically happens in his case Eg- Adiyogi (yogic)

What you want to be is your choice.
Why to stretch.breathe & rest?

Stretching -It help in increasing the blood circulation 
at the part where sensation is felt. Breathing - It improves air circulation as well as enriches blood with oxygen.
It also helps in identifying nasal blockages which can be cleared thereafter.
Thereby eradicating heaviness or laziness felt due to it. Relaxing - This is a very important step as it is only when we rest
the subconscious takes over and repair & rejuvenation can take place.