What is Success ?

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Secret of Success

It is something which people run after their entire life assuming that achieving it will make them happy.
Unknown to them is the fact that if they aren’t happy in the present then how will they be happy in the future when it will become their present as even at that time they will be chasing after some other future definition of success.

So what is the solution?

SATISFACTION – Live in the present moment.

How to be satisfied?

Do what you love. Do whatever makes you happy. This is the Secret of Success.

How to live in present moment ?

If you are doing what you love then you already are in the present moment as for rest of the time, if you really intend to be in present moment then my friend you will have to work in yourself. You will have to journey within.During it you will automatically find the answer. This is the way how you practically can live in present moment.