The Pursuit of Name and Fame: Is it Worth It?

In the modern world, the quest for name and fame has become a predominant goal for many. Both those who lack it and those who have it are engaged in a constant struggle. The unsatisfied seek to climb the ladder, while those at the top live in fear of being dethroned.

We’ve often heard from our parents and teachers that we should strive to “leave a legacy that will make our name immortal.” The prospect of immortalizing our names can be alluring, which drives many into a relentless chase for recognition.

As people embark on this pursuit of fame, they may find themselves acting out of character. They may post misleading images on social media, exaggerate their accomplishments, or purchase extravagant items merely to impress others. Gradually, they might lose touch with their authentic selves, all for the sake of others’ approval. This pursuit usually results in an inflated ego, offering little more than that. It’s a game where the perceived ‘victory’ can ultimately feel like a loss.

Let’s reflect on those who have achieved immortality in our collective consciousness, such as Gandhi or Michael Jackson. These revered individuals followed their intuition rather than seeking approval. They were not preoccupied with thoughts such as, “What will people think if I do this or wear that?” For instance, had Gandhi been worried about public perception, he wouldn’t have led India through numerous protests to eventual freedom.

Despite many years passing since their demise, their fame has only grown. However, this has also led to ongoing debates and controversies about their lives and actions. Regardless of the outcome of these discussions, it’s worth considering how these arguments impact the individuals in question.

After your departure from this world, how would you know if you’re remembered or your name is written in history? What would you gain from your name being immortal, or what would you lose if people speak ill of you?

Hence, the question remains – Is name and fame genuinely necessary for you?


“Great individuals tend to follow their intuition, not the pursuit of name and fame.”

Grateful Anmol