The Life-changing Perspective.

Disclaimer: This post may change how you view Life. But you will have to read it till the end with a calm mind to understand it properly.Kindly go through the reading guide before proceeding ahead

We have been taught by our schools that if one option is right the other options are definitely wrong or if you are able to deduce 99% options as wrong the remaining one is the right. But does this logic work in real life ???

Think, think about it ……….

My friend life isn’t a question with 4 or x options out of which only 1 is definitely correct or is it?

Well to find it out, we need to conduct a live experiment as follows -(Your active participation is required)

> Given below are 12 images as perceived by 12 different people, your task is to observe them and determine which is the correct perception of the symbol and why?
(Note: The name of the symbol is visible when you hover over it.)

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Answer: All of the above options are correct as well as incorrect as the 12 persons in the above example viewed the symbol from different directions as well as different lenses.

But how will this example help in changing my life???

Well, my friend Patience! keep reading ahead for it.

Life is very much similar to the above question.

We often believe that if we are right, others are wrong ie. if 1 option is right, all others are wrong.

However, in life, not only any 1 or 2 or …..12 options out of 12 can be right but even none can be right as well as wrong.

In life, there aren’t just 12 options in front of us ie.there are more options/more ways of looking at or doing things than that are available in front of us.

Life ain’t a question with 1 correct answer or is it?

Whenever someone presents a different perspective than you try not to be offended or judge others as wrong as all of you can be right as well as wrong.

“People interpret any situation as per their position in respect to it,as well as their perspective towards life.”

The optimum solution can be to discuss with others person as to why you think so and why the other thinks in a certain way. Then together find out the solution.

So does the School logic discussed above work in real life?

You decide for yourself!

Victory of one person doesn’t necessarily implies defeat of the others. or does it?

Note: The below lines should be read by only those who meditate as it will be easier for them to understand it. Others can skip it.

A question might come to mind of some deep thinkers-

Is there any absolute perspective of a situation?

Answer: In respect of the above question used in our experiment it would be –

It is, whatever it is. Don’t categorize it into any colour, name etc. Only view it in its absoluteness.