The Journey of Self-Discovery: How to Uncover Your Authentic Self


Discovering your true self may be simpler than you think. It requires dismantling the preconceived notions and external influences that have shaped your identity over time. Once this is done, what remains is your authentic self.


To visualize this process, consider this live experiment:

Imagine a plastic bag filled with various items and even waste. Now, ask yourself: “Who am I in this scenario?”

The key to discovering the answer lies in removing elements that don’t align with your inner intuition.

So, who are you now?

Are you the plastic bag?

The answer is: no.

You are the void within, both nothing and everything simultaneously. Born from nothingness, and to nothingness you return.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways:

When you embrace your authentic self, you can live in harmony with your true nature, leading to a state of bliss.

Aligning with energies that resonate with your true self can induce feelings of satisfaction, or perhaps neutrality, depending on your current state of mind.

Energies that aren’t yet in sync with your authentic self may stir feelings of discomfort. However, rather than resisting them, strive to understand these energies.

By focusing on what resonates with your soul, you enable a smooth and blissful life journey. Over time, all surrounding energies will naturally harmonize with your unique frequency.