The 1 hour Challenge

What is the 1-hour challenge?

The 1-hour challenge is the challenge to spend at least 1 hour a day by just YOURSELF.

During this time

  • don’t access any gadgets like mobile,TV etc.
  • Don’t be in the company of anybody but yourself.
  • Just be with yourself
  • contemplate
  • Do activities which you enjoy not which you think others think you enjoy.
  • Reconnect with yourself


  • It will bring the joy back in your life
  • Clarity
  • Better Understanding
  • Increase your intellect
  • Help you in making more accurate decisions
  • Most of all it would help you reconnect with the most beautiful person in this UNIVERSE ie. YOU yourself

Now whether you want to take this challenge or not its up to you. I’ve been taking this challenge since sometimes & it has worked wonders for me.