Is Name & Fame necessary?

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Nowadays the’ majority of people are running behind name and fame. Be it those who don’t have it as well as those who do. Those who have it are not satisfied and desire to be number one while those who are number one are in constant fear of number two.

Our parents, teachers, etc. often tell us that “Do something so that the world will remember you. You cannot be immortal but you can make your name immortal.”

Making your name immortal seems quite attractive right! ( Many people would answer: Yes) .

Now the real game begins. People will start chasing name & fame. They will start doing things that they may normally not do. Click fake pics & upload them on social media, boast in front of others, purchasing expensive things just to show off, etc.Slowly slowly they will forget what it was to be themselves. What for? To be held higher in others perspectives! So that everyone keeps humming your name. It will only increase your overconfidence. That’s it. Nothing more. It’s a game in which even though you may win, you will ultimately lose.

Now let’s consider for a moment – About all the people who are immortal in our history in the words of society. Eg- Gandhi, Michael Jackson, etc. These are some great personalities. Do you think if Gandhi ever thought – ” What will people think, if I did this? If I wore that!“? Probably not. Had he thought about it, he wouldn’t have led India to so many protests and ultimately to freedom. The great personalities like Gandhi don’t worry about Name & Fame, they just follow their intuition and act.

Now many years have passed since his demise, his name and fame has grown multifold. Some people have even made some allegations against his name. This has led to constant arguments between his opposers & followers. No matter who wins the argument, will it have any effect on Gandhi?

dsc_0327_201803241651001201200620735.jpgAfter you pass away from this world one day (one day everyone has to go), how will you know if people remember you? if they write your name in their histories? What will you gain if your name becomes immortal or lose if people bitch about you!

It’s up to you to decide for yourself if name & fame necessary for YOU?

Thank You

“Great people always choose to follow their intuition rather than name & fame.”