How to find yourself

Finding urself is simple.

You just have to stop believe the crap of what the world has told you and what you think you are. After this what remains is you.

Live experiment

Imagine there is a polythene bag in front of you, things are poured into it, garbage is also poured into it.

What are you?

In order to find out the answer, you need to remove stuff which doesn’t resonates with your intuition.

Now what are you?




You are nothing

From nothing you were born to nothing you go.

U are nothing & everything.

Side Notes:

  • Once you become aware of who you are in reality then living in tune with it leads to bliss.
  • Whichever energy is in tune with it will make you feel good or nothing at all, depending on the state you are in.
  • Some energy which aren’t in tune with it yet would make you feel different, the solution then is to do nothing regarding it,  just provide them understanding.
  • Allow your focus to be in tune with stuff which resonates with you & your soul for a smooth & blissful life.
  • Eventually all the energies will be in tune with you automatically.