How to deal with difficult times in life?

This one is deep.

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Are you going through rough times in life?

Are you experiencing difficult situations?

Are you troubled by obstacles?

If yes, then this post is for you.

In order to find the answer let us undergo a live experiment.

Imagine a fish swimming in the ocean.

She wants to reach the other side of the ocean where other fishes are waiting for her.

But while travelling during her journey she is encountering the waves, these waves push her further back and back each time. Every time she moves 2 steps ahead she gets pushed back.

But the fish goes on and on for some time, she doesn’t give up.

Each time the result is the same.

There are some other fishes around her at a distance. Some constantly make fun of her, some motivate her to keep moving and fight against the wave.

What do you recommend the fish should do?

Think and think (Note down your answer, we will get to it at the end of the article.)


let’s think

What was the size of the fish in the above situation in relation to the wave?

a) Smaller b)equal c)bigger

Well, most of the people would find the answer to be smaller.

What if the fish were bigger than the wave?

In that case, would the wave be able to push it back my friend?

Now, let’s observe this situation from another perspective.

Why do you think nature brought waves in front of the fish?

Did it desire to have fish (it’s part) stagnant???

No right?

(Now begins a bit deeper part )

Well, nature (You can call it god, universe etc.) brought the waves in front of fish for either of the following to reasons.

  • Either it was time for the young fish to improve and evolve.
  • Or it was time for fish to reassess if it really wanted to go to other side. Is it really its destiny, or something else is. And according to reassess its course.

So what should the fish do now?

Answer: Only that fish could decide that. Each fish is unique, its destiny is unique. Only the fish can find it out for herself no one else can.

The fish needs to introspect and find out it’s calling.

The place it is heading – is it really because it wants to head there? Or because others are heading there?

Well if the answer is yes and it really wants to go then it should understand one thing same actions don’t yield a different result. It needs to change its approach, improve and evolve.

If the answer is No, then stop heading towards the wrong direction, change the course.

What if I couldn’t figure out the answer? In such a situation my friend the best approach may be to keep on introspecting and improving. The day you find your answer adjust your course.

But this time Anmol you forgot to cover one aspect of life experiment – What to do of the other fishes who constantly encourage or discourage?

Answer –  Hahaha, I knew some people may have this question. Well, my friend, the reason why I didn’t talk about them in the journey of fish is that they don’t matter. What???”Yeah! In any game, only the audience makes the most noise”.The audience themselves may know nothing about the game but still, it makes noise. Why is it so? because they cannot play. This is the problem with our society nowadays. It goes on pushing its failures on others. Just because it couldn’t do that thing it discourages others.

Well if the fish chooses to pay attention to other fishes than what will happen?

It will spend its valuable time on debating, shutting the mouth of other fishes, in the meantime, the waves will push the fish further back. It could have invested the time on things we discussed above.

No the other fish care for our fish?

Well if it was so then why are they being a  part of the audience and not help our fish by being its team members?

Everyone except you is an audience in your journey,some may play the role of your team for some time,some audience but the only one person you can rely on completely is – YOU.

Note: the below lines are for those who think deeply.

Which mindset can help navigate any wave without being affected by it?

For this

You need to answer who were you in the life experiment?

(Don’t scroll before answering)

The fish? Nah

This mindset is the problem

you are not fish you are the sea

you are the universe

Waves may come & go, fishes may come and go(situations & people)

But in the end, you will prevail

In the long run nothing matters