How to Conquer fear?

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Before we look into how to Conquer fear first let us understand what is Fear.

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

There are 2 types of fear-

  • Real
  • Psychological

Real fear is something which is applicable to everyone, whereas psychological fear is something which isn’t.

Both of these prevent us from taking action.

For eg –

A) Some people fear dogs. But do all people fear dogs? Probably not.which implies it falls into the category of psychological fear.

B) The fear of being shot down during a terrorist attack in your city. Is this fear faced by almost everyone in that city? Probably yes, then it’s a real fear.

After categorizing it, let us explore how to overcome them.
For Psychological Fear –

Psychological fear has its origin in our mind. So in order to overcome it, shouldn’t we have to work on our mind?

But now the question arises how???

Two words FACE IT.

( Now some people might be thinking that we have heard this before also ki “Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai” What new thing can I understand by reading this post

The answer is – How to Face it

It’s Simple.

You may have heard the quote –

“Steel is cut by a sharper steel (Lohe ko Loha hi Katt ta hai)”

Similarly, We need to use another psychological phenomenon in order to conquer this fear.

Arre But which phenomenon should I use?


It can be Faith in God, your love, your goal etc. anything(aka your sharper steel). which instils courage in you. Whichever applies in your case has to be discovered by you.

Once you discover it.


Whenever next time your psychological fear comes in front of you –

  • Close your eyes for 2 seconds and focus on your Sharper steel.
  • It will provide you with the necessary energy needed to face it.
  • Next, open your eyes
  • And Take Action (Most important)

That’s it.

It is only those few moments in the midst of fear which decides whether one will be a Conqueror or be conquered!


For Real Fear –

In order to conquer real fear.

The best strategy is Precaution.

Yes, you heard me right, take precaution as much as you can.

Try to avoid the thing as much as you can

& put an end to it, if you can


A) In case you are near a volcano and there are reports that it might erupt anytime then run for your life.

B) If there’s a terrorist attack going on in your city, then stay protected in your house, office etc, however, if the terrorist comes in front of you then unite and face him otherwise you are already doomed.

So what will you be my friend Conqueror or Conquered?

Fear is an awareness of others capabilities,

Courage/peace is an awareness of ones own !


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