How to be free from tension

What is tension?

Is worrying about something tension.

Or Expecting a particular outcome?

Whenever we are in tension one thing is for sure. We don’t have peace of mind. As a result, our mind becomes unstable and we take reckless decisions.

Will worrying or expecting  change the situation? will it help to tackle the situation better?

Or will a calm mind help you conquer the situation? Think about it.

Few things which can help in getting free from tension.

  • Principle of necessity: work on this principle. Live on your needs and not wants. Fulfill your needs. Don’t run behind your wants. They are endless and will always keep you incomplete. The lesser you require the better you will feel.
  • Reduce your possessions: Yeah the lesser the things you posses the lesser would you need to protect.
  • Invest more on experiences than things: Invest in experiences. Go on trekking, picnics etc. anything which makes you more lively.  ( I’ve used the word “investment” here and not spending as anything which brings a smile on your face will also bring a smile on those around you, hence investment)

Things ties you, experience liberates you.

  • Spend time with yourself: Dare yourself to spend at least an hour with yourself doing nothing.
  • Listen to music: Listening to music eases you.
  • Do your own work: Don’t depend on others, be independent. Try to do as much of your work as you can. You can start by taking small steps for eg: washing ur utensils after eating, learning to cook etc.
  • Walking: By walking I’m not referring to the one on the treadmill rather about going out walking in the fresh air. Grab headphones and head out for ½ – 1 hour. You will be refreshed.

For deep thinkers & Spiritualists

After understanding tension on a deeper level, I observed that tension is in actuality our subconscious trying to find to come out of a situation which is making us uncomfortable. It does so by increasing the pace of bodies metabolism. But since at that time a person usually focus on the problem so the uncomfortableness increases, hence the adverse effects.

The following solution eradicates current as well as any suppressed tension/its effects from our subconscious.

  •  While you spend time with yourself alone, close your eyes.
  • When the effects of tension arise, transform it into the realisation of self-care & self-love. This heals part which has revealed itself.
  • For the suppressed one provide love to the part which felt it as well as to the inner you(across different time) who felt it. Eventually, it will transform.
  • (for the 0.01 people) And if you have reached the being state you know what to do.

May all beings be free from tension and experience self-love.😊