Freedom from “What will other people think About me”?

It’s very simple my friend.

Sit in a quiet place for some time and when your mind becomes calm read ahead.

The process is as follows (I’ve experienced it first hand myself) –

  • Now travel a few years back in time in your mind.
  • This point in time should be one where you are surrounded by people.
  • Then observe what you did then and what was your thought process.
  • As you are asking the above question one thing is evident that you must have been worrying about what others think .
  • Next recollect the consequences of your actions on YOURSELF and others.
  • (Ask the following questions in your mind) Was it necessary? Was it the optimum action?
  • Now return to the present time and think does what you thought people thought about you matter now?

Now you must be saying – Its what others think not what I think others think.

My friend are we a telepath that we can know what goes on in others mind.(Think about it)

But still if you worry about it then there’s only one way to know what others think – ASK THEM don’t stress yourself.