Freedom from Irritation

Do you find yourself irritated,angry,impatient often?

Do you want to change your nature?

IF yes,proceed

Irritation happens when someone does something that doesn’t conform to your belief system and bothers you. It stays in your psyche until it’s resolved.


  • You become agitated
  • Eventually, if that person repeatedly irritates you, the very presence of him/her bothers you.
  • It affects your mental health
  • You become very angry & impatient often.


  • Get to a quiet place.
  • Sit there for some time till your mind gets calm.
  • Then ask yourself, the issue /reason for your irritability
  • Listen to the answer which arises patiently and
  • Try to find the root cause of your irritation.
  • Agree & understand yourself(Acceptance)
  • Find a solution so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • Appreciate yourself for standing through the situation.

Understanding is the knife which can cut irritation.